The Great Knot remix competition with DAOrecords and NxM

To celebrate the completion of our first series of Cryptosonoglyphs, we are holding a remix competition for The Great Knot in conjunction with DAOrecords and NxM.

1. Use these loops.
2. Submit your entry by August 23, 2021.
3. Join the NxM Telegram channel for updates.
4. Follow DAOrecords, LIBESKIND ARTS and NxM on Twitter.
5. Share your submission on Twitter with the hashtags #TheGreatKnot and #Cryptosonoglyphs

There are no requirements other than to use our loops. Make your mix any style, any genre and any length. Add your own sounds, vocals, EFX and live instruments, or don’t. You don’t even have to use all the sounds, but if you use too few, you’ll be unlike to win.

First Prize: One Cryptosonoglyph NFT and your winning remix will be minted as a NEAR NFT and you will receive 75% of any revenues.

Second Prize: $75 USD worth of ETH.

Third Prize: $25 USD worth of ETH.

There will be three judges, two recruited from the DAOrecords and NxM community and the third will be the LIBESKIND ARTS team. Each judge will receive 5 points that must be applied to at least three entries (no assigning all the points to a single entry). If there is a tie, additional rounds of voting will be held until there is a clear winner. If there is a tie for second and third place, the prize will be $50 USD of ETH each.

As stated above, you must submit your entries by August 23, 2021

Upload your track to and title your track “The Great Knot ([your remix title and/or your name] remix)”. If for some reason you cannot upload your track to Audius, just e-mail us a link to a uncompressed .wav file we can download.

All entrants will be considered for future collaborations.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


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