The Mona Lisa – REMASTERED, how to express the enigmatic muse ?

The Remastered collection Volume1 is a series of A.I augmented animation sequences by electronic artist OUTERGROUND.

Derived from old Master portraits, subtle facial expressions breathe life into historical subjects, offering the viewer an imaginary glimpse into the past.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW The Mona Lisa (REMASTERED) animated and brought to life after 500 years.

Famous figures & self portraits sit alongside anonymous subjects by some of the very best artists from the Renaissance to the Victorian period.

Considering the very long history of Art, I had to make some considered choices for volume 1. Among the subjects features are some less known works by great artists and because they are less well known It seemed easier to give them a looser feel with the expressions and some are really expressive. It’s only a guess, a glimpse. I try to feel out the attitude and play with it, either by accentuation or opposition.

I felt I had to include a few very well known pieces of art and it doesn’t get much more iconic than The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci 1503 – (possibly worked on until 1517)

Herein lies the challenge. She’s so damn enigmatic we may never really understand what, how, why ? There is a lot of theory about Lisa. I decided to give her the slightest expression I thought I could get away with, mostly out of respect for her iconograpghic status and as a nod to Leonardo. I had her simply look into the camera, she almost looks in disdain. It felt right.  

I generally try out a few iterations of expressions before I’m satisfied. In this case, I did attempt a few expressions but it felt rude to make her smile (I will do it again, I’m sure)… have a look for yourself. She looks you in the eye almost as if to say, how dare you cast your internet era judgement upon me.. It almost felt like she was admonishing me for bringing her to life after 500 years. I’m so glad I did. I feel like I understand a little more from just being involved with the image.

Series 1 comprises 25 animations in limited editions of 5 mime type: video – mp4 / 7 seconds

3 animations SOLD so far –  on the low energy tezos platform <CLICK HERE> to view the Remastered collection by OUTERGROUND.


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