The REAL life of a REAL artist

Hello again, dear reader!

In one of my posts, I wrote that I am engaged in tattooing. Here I would like to tell you more about this.

It so happened that I decided to get a tattoo while still in school. I was 15. Don’t be surprised, in my country the horizons are open to all ahahah. Since then, I have been doing this as a favorite thing that brings pocket money (salaries in Russia are really low). For seven years, I regularly tried to improve my skills, honed my drawing skills (on a graphic tablet), studied at the university as a designer. Today has come the day when I can confidently say that I am a professional tattoo artist!

This demon wolf I made today. Look at the details of how everything is done. It took 10 hours with short breaks. It was cool!


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So much for next day renders!

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