The REMASTERED Series Mysteries

The Remastered Series volume 1: a collectible series of A.I augmented animations derived from historical Old Master portraits by electronic artist Outerground is almost fully minted (25 animations x 5 editions of each) and so far sales on have been steady with several pieces already on the secondary market at the $600 mark.

Some of the iconic and well known subjects in the series are easily identifiable, Rembrandt by himself for example and Auguste Strobl by Joseph Stieler, but for many of the images which are in some cases nearly 600 years old, credible authentication is lacking for their identities and although immortalised in pigment, we may never really know who they are.  

The Portrait of an African (Nobleman) is an interesting mystery. Who was this man ? The first African person to be depicted in the history Western Art. (I’m pretty sure he was a real man.) Painted by Jan Mostaert between 1525 – 1530.There are lots of ideas about who he was and the painting itself provides a few clues. Was he Christopher the Moor, an archer at the court of Charles V (Haspburg)? The insignia on his hat possibly links him to Portugal or Spain. His goatskin gloves and jeweled belt mark him out as a noblemnan.

The red hat ? catholic and the notion that he is in fact a depiction of St Maurice a Roman soldier traditionally attributed to Thebes 250 AD who led the legendary Theban legion of Rome. A Christian noted for his refusal to fight other Christians at at time of violent clashes between Catholics and Protestants makes this plausible, but I think not the likeliest answer. Wim Pijbes discussed in 2013 the possibility that this is an image of the controversial figure Zwarte Piet.  more information from wiki here

As the series draws to a final minting, it’s time to move on to the next project, which is already underway. Details of which will be released soon, exciting ! 



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