Thunder Helmet – Elemental Helmet Beats

The third element in my collectibles, the thunder, mixed with static vibes music, made it a little bit longer than the gap between the first two since I’ve been working with some commissions and work, I spend an hour every day on this project, the Elemental Helmet Beats. I will still pursue this project of mine even if I didn’t make any sale, because it’s really hard to sell my kind of art compare to the art pieces that we always see on the market, all of them are really something that we call “museum ready artworks”, mine is very unique compared to them, I can’t even see my work posted at the museum, and that makes it harder to sell, but anyways I love doing these helmets and also with my music, I will proudly pursue this even if no one notices me. I’ll just continue what I see right now in my art, so that even if the NFT community fall, I’ll just look in my arts and say that “Thank God I tried”.


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