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Welcome to the dark side…

Inhabited by a childhood populated by fantastic stories, extraordinary worlds, chimerical characters, Camille Alquier likes to invent his own.

His characters move in disturbing atmospheres where light and shadow create strong dramatic tension. Emerging from the darkness they are faced with tiny humans whose outcome is unknown. Camille Alquier likes that the viewer has entered into this ambiguity, it is up to everyone to make their own story.

His realm is Heroic fantasy, the heroic wonder. Sometimes the beast is an ally, allowing the passage of disturbing universes. The sky is never blue, but always threatening, the atmosphere is murky and heavy. In these binary worlds, there are only good and evil, strong and weak, winners and losers. The image opens up horizons in which we allow ourselves to go in order to calm our anxieties, rediscover the emotions of childhood.

Here, begin the darkness…


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Written by Camille Alquier

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