What a ride!

What a crazy 24 hours it’s been! Investing more and more of my time into the community. Looking at what’s out there. Making social videos, posting/commenting/liking on Twitter and making my first 3D REDNER NFT! Link below.

But I’ve had to pause and take a moment to be honest with myself about why I’m here, why I’m doing this. Am I just looking for a quick buck? I mean yeah! That’d be nice! We need money to survive and hopefully thrive! Isn’t part of this whole thing to connect and appreciate each other in a more tangible way?… yes, yes. Sure. Of course.

But the truth is, if money is the main motivator then we have a problem. It could taint the process, make my own work feel a little less meaningful, ironically. A lot of people may have come into this environment trying to make big bucks fast and honestly, yeah I agree and I hope that works out for everyone. But first and foremost I need to stay true to myself, especially now in this creative space. I intend to be here in the long run, to live in this space where I can freely create something and immediately put it out there. It’ll be therapeutic I think, to find that freedom.

I don’t have super advanced 3D skills, I barely have a machine that works to even achieve the work of art in the link. But I do have something, and part of the creative process is problem solving. The problem of how am I going to get what’s in my head, soul, heart, mind whatever, out into the real world.

In lieu of identifying and feeling myself lean more towards the money side of thing, to counter that and check myself I’ve decided to put all my NFTs up for auction starting at 0 eth. At least for now, at the very beginning. I want to be part of building this community and I do hope to make some decent income from my works and my vision a little further down the line. But let me find a way to always put the creativity first, however minuscule or grandiose the project may feel. 

So with that, I’ll say goodnight! It’s 12:30am and I’m ready to get some sleep! (haven’t slept since Tuesday, lol) I’ll be working on and dropping more NFTs tomorrow! Look forward to exploring more and more of this truly inspiring community! See you on the blockchain waves!

-the fire inside, RedAether


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