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What NFT-Puzzle is?

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ARTTOO** proudly presents the first **NFT-Puzzle “TRANSMUTTER”** with cool **Physical Rewards**. All our **NFT-Puzzles** are the real **ART** created by our team-members. ##### **”TRANSMUTTER” is created by one of our artists, a devotee of surreal watercolor art.** We guarantee that here you will be rewarded by an exclusive **Fine Art Print** of this **Artwork** in a full size of **12×18″** with a **Highlighted Fragment** that belongs to you.

We have created a completely new approach to the idea of NFTs that not only corresponds to the concept of decentralization, but widely opens it in the sphere of digital artwork.

So, briefly – we are a team of programmers and painters and we suggest visualizing the concept of the decentralized artwork ownership as a jigsaw puzzle that is made of a fixed number of pieces, each one having a certified owner.

The idea of a puzzle opens the opportunity of using a game component. Each first-buyer of any puzzle tile can place it to the digital model of an artwork to get a physical reward – a full-sized artwork with a highlighted fragment that belongs to the buyer. The reward is guaranteed for every first puzzle-tile-buyer, but due to the right or wrong choice of placing a puzzle tile it could be more or less valuable.

All our artworks are created by hands, paints and brushes of our team-member artists and then digitized and converted into NFT-Puzzles. All of the art prints are manufactured by our partner Prodigi Group. We do guarantee that all our artworks and art prints sent to the puzzle tile owners are one of a kind.

Each art print features a unique QR-code containing a link to the ownership verification with the information about the puzzle tile owner, the artwork creator, and also the addresses of smart contract and transaction hash confirming the purchase of the artwork fragment. That all forms a certificate of authenticity. The map on our web-site features the location and ownership verification of all bought artwork fragments. And this is a true visualization of decentralized and worldspread ownership of art.

First 36 puzzle-tiles are already minted and dropped to our collection at OpenSea ( It is planned to drop 6 tiles every day. All the details about our NFT-Puzzle Experiments can be found at our website (


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