Where I started in this space, and my dreams…

This little guy. This little guy was the first NFT I ever minted. 

And I still remember the feeling. Like I was floating on top of the world! 

There’s something really special about the NFT space and the resulting community. It’s exhilarating, it’s refreshing. And I’ve learned so much during these last 3 months alone and will continue to learn something new every day. Introducing Jimmy-Green and the rest of my Groakies  project to the world re-activated an excitement and passion in my artist heart that I hadn’t felt for 8 years! 

> Click to watch me draw the little toon above!

Like I mentioned in the new Worldbuilders Trove group I just created, 

NFT’s are the first time in my life that I’ve seen where I can really take my art, and the interest, engagement and support from the NFT community has really inspired me to take my ideas to the next level and develop them seriously! With NFTs, I see a world where I can actually afford to bring my stories to life and get the tools, setups, networks that I need to do so. I see a way for artists to evolve from the belief that the only way to be successful is to be hired by one of the big companies (like Blizzard), be a slave to commissions, or be the “poor, starving artist” trope. We can create our own works, and share and the community gathers together and shows their support like I’ve never seen before. It’s motivational, and gets me excited to wake up every day and love my craft!

 Check out the Groakies Collection on OpenSea  

My Groakies project  is ever evolving and I look forward to taking it to higher heights in the near future. Changing things up. Telling a story! I want to provide more interaction — implementing the things I’ve learned from, and ways to give collectors who believe in me something back in return! So please watch kindly over my little froggies in the days and months to come as I move forward into Generation 2.


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